Dr. Duncan Foley

Dr. Duncan Foley

Duncan Foley

Duncan Foley is a geologist, photographer and educator who has been a teacher and geologic researcher in Yellowstone since 1979. He has taught field-based workshops about geysers, mudpots and hot springs in both front- and back-country settings and photography in geyser basins for the Yellowstone Association Institute.

Duncan is the author of the book “Yellowstone’s Geysers and other hydrothermal systems,” which is published as part of the Story Behind the Scenery series. His photos have also been published on book and journal covers.

Duncan has been a photography judge at the Washington State Fair, and has helped lead local photography field trips in the Tacoma, Washington, area. He recently was a scientific consultant with National Geographic Magazine for their special issue about Yellowstone. He has worked with the Park Service on displays at the Old Faithful visitor center and has been a speaker at NPS tour guide training.

Castle Geyser 

Grand Prismatic

Trees & Bridge by Castle Upper Geyser Basin