Greater Yellowstone Photography Symposium

Greater Yellowstone Photography Symposium

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Welcome to the Greater Yellowstone Photography Symposium!

Our goal in presenting this symposium is to provide you with the opportunity to understand and photograph Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding Yellowstone ecosystem with a level of understanding and insight few rarely achieve. You will listen, engage and learn from experts in the field of geology, biology, and herpetology of the Greater Yellowstone Basin. You will also engage and work with several members of the professional photographic community and learn new ways of photographing our natural world. Combined, these individuals represent hundreds of years experience of scientific and photographic work in the Yellowstone ecosystem. We have assembled these experts to address specific objectives in this program as noted below, taking maximum advantage of the resources available in the greater Yellowstone area. You will be busy, focused and engaged in those disciplines that will give you the opportunity to understand, practice and improve your nature photographic skills. This knowledge and skill will translate to facets of your photographic base which you can take forward in your local home environment while giving you a unique insight into one of the most magical geological and interesting natural systems in the world…. Yellowstone National Park.

$447 includes:

6-8pm Meet and great with photography instructors and presenters on May 14th (Beverages and snacks provided)

5-8pm Farewell Social Saturday May 20 (Beverages and snacks provided)

20 raffle tickets for sponsored giveaways throughout the week. (Additional raffle tickets with be available for purchase at the event)

Over $2,500 in prizes by our sponsors and Perfect Light Camera and Supply to be given away over the 5 days with the use of raffle tickets (more to come!)

Entry of 3 images to a photo critique* (Panel or professionals to critique your images while you are able to remain anonymous. Images will need to be in electric format)

Entry to our photo contest with cash prizes to be awarded during the social on the last day.

1st place $300 / 2nd place / $150 3rd place $75

Note:Photo contest will be limited to one 16×20 or 16×24 un-framed print (no composite images accepted)

PLUS one entry for the



with Photo Adventure Workshops

$4,495 value

Additional Grand Prize Tickets with be available for purchase at $25 each at the event

Create Your Own Learning Experience

Included class room seminars:

How to Create New Passion For Your Photography, Christopher Balmer

To See and Be Seen, Deborah Hughes

Overview of the prevalence and importance of photography in our world today from environmental concerns to political and individual identity.

How to Dramatically Reduce Your Editing Time, Christopher Balmer

Winning Photo Contests and Selling Your Images, Christopher Balmer

The Captivating and Beautiful World of Owls, Christopher Balmer

Christopher Balmer (long known as the Owl Man) will not only teach you about the wonderful world of owls, he will also teach you how to consistently find owls in and around the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (He is known to find over 20 owls per day on many occasions). He will teach you the biology behind many of the Northwest species, how to identify their calls, their perching habits, their mating behaviors and of course how to get the very best photographs of them. The information in this discussion will also help you find many owls in the area you live in.

Microbiology of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, TBA
Geology of the Yellowstone National Park, Duncan Foley
Biology of the Yellowstone National Park, TBA
Herpetolgoy of the Yellowstone National Park, Charles Peterson
Using Nature Photography to Document Biodiversity, Charles Peterson
Birding in & Around Yellowstone National Park, Adam Brubaker
Live Birds of Prey exhibit by the Grizzly & Wolf discovery Center
How to Take your Nature Photography to the Next Level, Christopher Balmer
Nature Photography Ethics, Christopher Balmer, Adam Brubaker

Create Your Own Custom Symposium by Selecting Additional Learning Experiences

$47.00 Macro photography,  Christopher Balmer
$37.00 Photographing Reptiles and Amphibians, Chuck Peterson
$37.00 Metering, Christopher Balmer
$57.00 Light painting workshop with instructor TBA.
$37.00 Dynamic Range
$47.00 The power of Photoshop with Instructor TBA
$47.00 The power of Light room with Instructor TBA
$27.00 How to shoot and sell stock photography, Christopher Balmer
$37.00 Impressionism and Abstract Photography, Deborah Hughes $29.00
Understanding the Amazing Geology of Yellowstone, Duncan Foley Ph.D

Becoming a better nature photographer

Becoming a better nature photographer is more than just the buttons on your camera and glass in the lens you hold. The more you understand about the subject of your photography, the better you will be prepared to respect your subject, look for specific behaviors, the best lighting, the best season, the best locations and other parameters that can have a huge impact on the success of your trip and your satisfaction with your final collection of images… luck favors the well prepared photographer.

Understanding the biology of Yellowstone to become a better wildlife photographer

It is imperative to have some knowledge and understanding of the animals, (mammals, birds, insects) or plants you are photographing in the vastness of the Yellowstone ecosystem. Where do you need to be?? What season? Time of day? Time of year? What do you look for to identify a good opportunity? What is the pending weather and how does it affect your subjects?

Understand the geology and environmental events of Yellowstone to become a better landscape photographer

It is imperative to have some knowledge and understanding of the forces of geology and recent environmental events (fires, earthquakes, geysers, rivers, ice, avalanches) you are photographing in the vastness of the Yellowstone ecosystem. Where do you need to be? When? Why? Is it safe to be where I want to be? What do you look for to identify a good opportunity? What is the pending weather and how does it affect my decisions on where to be in the Park? What forces created your subject? How do you capture those forces of nature?

Understand the photographic process to become a better image processor

As an active, informed, understanding and respectful photographer you will collect hundreds if not thousands of images during your time in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Learn how professional photographers handle, import and process this volume of images efficiently and how their processes may impact your own workflow.















Note: Full payment is due upon registration of any and all events.

90 days or more before the event you will receive a 100% refund minus a 6% credit card fee if applicable. 89 to 60 days before the event you will receive a 75% refund. 59 days or less before the event there will be no refunds given for any reason Rooms have been reserved at a large discounted rate in West Yellowstone. Please call ASAP for room details if you are planning on attending the symposium. Limited rooms, big savings!! (Note, lodging can become very difficult to find and very expensive if you wait too long).