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Photo Adventure Workshops brings you the best trips at the best price - with a professional photographer as your host!

  • Experiencing Yellowstone with a Perfect Light workshop provides the rare opportunity to meld with nature through your camera. Untouched mountain snowscapes, clear cobalt skies and frosted trees set the stage for a photographer’s dream capture. Christopher Balmer understands and respects wildlife. He takes you so close you see their breath, observe their behavior and catch the right shot. Christopher keeps the workshops small and intimate, providing his insight into famous landmarks as well as  sharing the hidden spots which appeal to a photographer’s soul.  A world class photographer who with an artist’s eye provides hands-on instruction to help you become a better photographer.  A must for any photographer seeking to expand their creative horizons.

    -- Lesley M
  • South Africa with PAW is truly one of the most amazing trips we’ve been on. Everyone should have this great opportunity. Christopher’s tours are first class. Only 3 people to a vehicle so you can see animals on both sides. Inyati is superb in every way – 5 star all the way!!! It’s worth mac & cheese for 6 months to save money to go. Don’t miss this life changing experience!!!

    -- Ranae M
  • I have traveled to Africa, Iceland and Yellowstone many times with Christopher Balmer and Photo Adventure Workshops If you are thinking about a photo adventure workshop or just a great way to travel I would highly recommend PAW. I love to travel and coming home with great photography is a bonus. Getting up close to nature is something you never forget. Experiencing it on photography tour is the only way to experience it!

    -- Sherri L
  • Christopher shared a wide range of information in an understandable way. I also like how passionate he is about the subject. He is also very encouraging. My goal is to become a better photographer and possibly own my own business. The class gave me the tools to work towards that goal.


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