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: 13 Days
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All the places you’ve always wanted to see in one affordable trip!

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  1. Day 1 - April 20 Leave from your home city this today and begin your journey across the Pacific Ocean to magical Asia. Your flight leaves from Los Angeles at night!
  2. Day 2 - April 21 Continue your flight and cross the international dateline.
  3. Day 3 - April 22 Arrival in Guilin where you will transfer to your hotel and relax. Enjoy some free time today in the scenic city center of Guilin. Stunning water pagodas with brilliant mountain backdrops will make for an enjoyable stroll. (Lunch)
  4. Day 4 - April 23 This morning you will transfer to the stunning mountain village of Longi. Take part in a cultural experience as the Longi women demonstrate their long hair that they cut once in their lifetime. You will then arrive at your mountain retreat where you will spend the night. Enjoy a walk up to your hotel built into the mountainside with incredible vistas overlooking rice terraces built into the mountains as far as eye can see! Walk through the surrounding mountainside village to be greeted by quaint minority shops, rich smells of delicious cuisine, and happy villagers. (Breakfast, Lunch)
  5. Day 5 - April 24 Set sail for a cruise down the Li River. The Li River cruise from that departs from Yangshuo is the centerpiece of your trip to Guilin. Gorgeous peaks give you surprises at each bend of the river under the blue sky. These “gumdrop” mountains have helped this part of the country gain worldwide recognition for being one of the most scenic spots in the entire world. Hold up your 20 Yuan bill and what do you see – the exact same view on the Li River you will cruise by! (Breakfast, Lunch)
  6. Day 6 - April 25 Today you have a free morning with an optional bike ride along the gorgeous Li River. Also take in the local market to see what life is like in the countryside. A visit to a local tea plantation will give you a glimpse as to where the tea dumped in the Boston Harbor many years ago came from. This evening you will travel by air from Guilin to Xi’an and transfer to your hotel! (Breakfast, Lunch)
  7. Day 7 - April 26 Your exciting day in Xi’an begins with a relaxing bike ride on the ancient city wall or you may wish to take a ride in a traditional rickshaw. Learn the legend as to how the Wild Goose Pagoda received its name as you visit this holy place revered for centuries. The highlight of your trip will probably be this afternoon as you visit a local orphanage and spend time giving affection and lending a hand. Your day will wind down as you enjoy the city water fountain show accompanied with orchestrated music. (Breakfast, Lunch)
  8. Day 8 - April 27 You will be in awe as you visit the Terracotta Warrior museum. It has been said to be the most exciting archaeological find of the 20th century and considered as the 8th Wonder of the World. It is nothing short of astonishing! Later today board a BULLET train to Beijing! Sit back and enjoy the quick ride. Upon arrival in Beijing, you will transfer to your hotel and overnight. (Breakfast, Lunch)
  9. Day 9 - April 28 This morning, a stop at a local zoo to see pandas will be a great photo opportunity. In the afternoon, experience a Hutong Tour, and take a glimpse into the world of yesterday while being pedaled through the narrow streets on bicycle-pedaled rickshaws. You will see how neighborhoods in Old China existed and how they are preserved in the middle of a modern city today. (Breakfast, Lunch)
  10. Day 10 - April 29 Winding across deserts, grasslands, mountains and plateaus, the Great Wall of China stretches over 4,000 miles. Today as you experience climbing a section of the Great Wall, marvel at its size and grandeur. Not far from the wall you will explore the Ming tomb area and stroll down the path of the Sacred Way of the Animals. You will have plenty of time this evening to go bargain shopping at a local knock-off market where low price rules. Then, back to the hotel and it’s time for an optional foot massage. (Breakfast, Lunch)
  11. Day 11 - April 30 Today you will visit the Forbidden City which was built in the 15th century. The Forbidden City includes the Imperial Palace which was the residence of the emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Later you will walk on the 98-acre quadrangle of Tiananmen Square, which is one of the largest public squares in the world. This evening enjoy some free time or more shopping at the knock-off market. (Breakfast, Lunch)
  12. Day 12 - May 1 The Temple of Heaven is first on our agenda today and is located in a beautiful park. Elderly Chinese come by the thousands daily to exercise and to participate in Chinese cultural activities. Most tourists find themselves participating in the middle of these activities with the local Chinese. Today you’ll pay a visit to the Summer Palace which is listed as one of the world UNESCO World Heritage Sites and ranked as one of the finest classical gardens in the world. Nearby learn about China’s fresh water pearls and visit one of the largest pearl showrooms on the planet. If you get your shopping all done, enjoy an optional Chinese acrobatic show. You will be amazed at the acrobatic skills demonstrated in the performances. (Breakfast, Lunch)
  13. Day 13 - May 2 After breakfast, you will have some last minute free time for shopping or relaxing before the flight home. Your flight back to Los Angeles leaves in the afternoon with an evening arrival into Los Angeles. Welcome home!