Layton Utah Classes



GUESS WHAT?! We are coming back and offering a weekend of classes FOR FREE! We will be taking donations in an Equal Opportunity Drawing for Christopher’s 100th and LAST print of “God’s Palette” to give to Primary Children’s Hospital.


If you are interested in coming please click below to sign up and join us in this great cause!

No need to give a donation to come to class 🙂

More information will be coming this next week. Once you sign up we will add you to our email list to receive updates on the class!

We will be giving away prizes from Nikon, Canon, Delkin Devices, Clik, Mindshift, BlackRapid, McKenna Pro, Tokina, 3 Bear Lodge, and DataColor, and more 🙂

This is an event you don’t want to miss!




Christopher Balmer has been a photographer for over 30 years and became a full time professional photographer 8 years ago. He has taught photography and guest lectured at BYU-I, BSU, ISU and Eastern Idaho technical college. He also has been the keynote speaker for many bird festivals, Audubon events throughout the Northwest, wildlife seminars and portrait/wedding conferences. He has been very successful in the portrait, fashion, wedding and stock photography industry and currently co-owns a successful portrait studio in Idaho Falls and continues to sell his stock images through Getty images, Istock and many other agencies.

He has been featured in numerous national and international publications over the years and his work has also been featured in many prestigious art galleries throughout the U.S. His knowledge of photography, both in technique and equipment is unmatched in the photography education and equipment industry. Christopher is always ready and willing to share that knowledge with anyone who has a passion to learn.

When it comes to teaching, his passion and excitement is contagious and he will inspire you to take both your love and art of photography to a whole new level you did not imagine you could before. Unlike many instructors and teachers, He believes in sharing and teaching every single aspect of his photography knowledge to you and holds nothing back. During his classes and international workshops, you will often hear Christopher state that he does not want his students to be as good as him, he wants them to be far better than him.

Jon’s Bio is coming soon!


Brad’s Bio is coming soon!


What Others are Saying

“So thankful I got to attend your class in Layton, Utah yesterday! You are awesome, and your willingness to give away ALL of your secrets is a very admirable and UNIQUE quality, which speaks greatly of your personal selfless, earnest character.”

“Christopher is like a Cliff Notes version of manufacturer information. By attending the conferences, workshops, etc. and distilling the information, it provides great value for us in the class. Christopher’s energy, enthusiasm, and personality were also uplifting. Finally, I want to thank all of the staff from Perfect Light. You were all friendly, cheerful, helpful, and nice. Thank you.” -Jim W.